Dennis Christensen, CEO

World recognized sterilization expert with nearly 50 years' experience in all methods of medical device and pharmaceutical sterilization. His expertise includes the design, building and validation of sterilization facilities, laboratory facilities and sterilization equipment. He has built multiple sterilization facilities for EO and gamma here in the US and also in Asia. He also owns two other companies specializing in sterilization: D2EO (Contract EO Facility), and Sterilization, Validation & Consulting, LLC. He is a Charter Member of International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. He has spoken at many conferences and has published papers on sterilization.

Brad Buchanan, VP Systems Integration

Has been involved in the biomedical and biopharmaceutical industries for over 45 years. His industry experience includes numerous technical development positions in medical and nuclear medicine firms before starting his own businesses. His work has included the design of Electron Beam Sterilization systems, filling, mixing, and delivery systems for biomedical and pharmaceutical products as well as industrial manufacturing equipment for the food and electronics industries. He has been engaged in design, development and specification of flexible packaging system materials, fabrication techniques and equipment, and has extensive knowledge of the techniques used to design, fabricate and evaluate high tech plastic films and materials. Mr. Buchanan is the author of 19 US Patents.

George Wakalopulos, VP Directed Energy

Founded three high tech companies, holds 35 patents, has published numerous scientific papers, and received awards related to lasers, holography, electron beams, and UV curing equipment. Major accomplishments include the development of the world's most rugged electron gun, the WIP EB system, used by the military for airborne high power "star wars" lasers, and recently, the Min-EB, the world's smallest, most economical, and lowest voltage electron beam vacuum tube, used in atmospheric pressure chemical processing and sterilization. He founded Adastra Technologies Inc. in 2001, to develop UV curing equipment, electron beam sterilization processes from 50 keV to 10 MeV, and he is currently, the lead technical chief to a major pharmaceutical project assisting in the development of an in-house sterilization system. Mr. Wakalopulos holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and a M.S. degree in Quantum Electronics from USC.

Dennis Christensen
Brad Buchanan
George Wakalopulos